Exploration of movement as discovery of self

Performance specialist Mike Salemi explains how the underlying theme in his personal and professional development became the exploration of movement. Coach Salemi, whose kettlebell workouts have been featured on Muscle & Fitness, states that such exploration allowed a simultaneous discovery of himself.

What motivated the 2017 WAKSC Kettlebell Sport World Champion to practice niched sports – such as gymnastics, powerlifting, kettlebell or olympic weightlifting – was their stimulating communities. It’s the stimulating people in each activity which made these disciplines engaging, personally enhancing and functionally formative.

On the constant lookout for new challenges, Mike Salemi remembers the steep adaptation he had to go through when he progressed from strength-based weightlifting to kettlebells. The latter modality, he found out, required more endurance and mobility.

“If you move well, you’ll set yourself up to do whatever it is your goal, your dream. Move well first.”

– Mike Salemi

Technique is the saving grace

Kettlebell Master of Sport Mike Salemi is adamant about mastering qualitative movement. For that reason, he enjoys working with technique-savvy athletes such as martial artists, who understand the process and the investment required to master movement. It took, in fact, 8 years for Coach Salemi to obtain his KB Master of Sport rank.

Persevering through setbacks, Mike Salemi – whose expertise was featured on Wellness Force – learned the value of constant skills refinement. He also quickly understood the fondamental importance of technique in physical performance. Coach Salemi’s observations resulted in the creation of his own “Master of the Kettlebell” training program, which focuses on movement mastery.

Movement quality = active longevity

According to coach Mike Salemi, playfulness is key in a lasting active lifestyle. In fact, qualitative movement allows us to rekindle with the pleasure of active play, the same we experienced in childhood. Consequently, he professes that building a good, technically-sound base is the element from which physical accomplishments arise.

3 best training modalities to achieve (crush) your goals.

#1 | Sensei says: Kettlebell (of course).

Passionately, Mike Salemi suggests that kettlebells form a simplistic, approachable training modality which enables a focus on strength development. The core stabilisation and shoulder work solicited by a good KB workout enhances ballistic movement. Per example, OCR racers use those skills to perform such obstacles as flipping a heavy fire or carrying an Atlas ball in a Spartan Race.

#2 | Sensei says: Bulgarian Bag.

Listening to Coach Salemi, I learn that the U-Shaped Bulgarian Bag is an excellent tool to build grip strength. Grip is an essential skill in obstacle sports like OCR (obstacle course racing) and Ninja Warrior types of events. Workouts with the Bulgarian Bag can be surprisingly intense without, without the need to be heavy. The Bag is also optimal for the development of power in all planes of movement.

#3 | Sensei says: Bands

Rubber bands are the ultimate portable modality according to Mike Salemi. Fanny pack or not (I might insist on the “not”), bands can easily be carried around and are highly versatile. This simple and affordable modality facilitates performing good, creative and satisfying workouts on the go. Bands are also highly relevant in improving joint stability and mobility.

Kettlebell Exercise Video Tutorial

Mike Salemi

Veteran coach and Kettlebell Master of Sports, Mike Salemi is a passionate explorer of movement and a performance specialist. 2017 WAKSC kettlebell World Champion, his expertise has been featured on Muscle & Fitness, Onnit and Wellness Force.

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