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Uplift your mindset, empower yourself and achieve greatness, motivated by the inspirational and entertaining interviews of the Sensei Says Podcast.

Every Thursday, join me – Sensei Pascal – as I chat with masterminds from all fields of self-improvement and dig out practical tips to help you change your life.

Through meaningful conversations with experts in Psychology, Adventure, Business, Sports & Arts, discover simple and actionable strategies that will assist you on your quest to become the best human you can be.

Learn powerful advice from such fascinating guests as Dr. Don Vaughn, Rammstein, Dominick Cruz (UFC), Mark Pattison (NFL) and many others !

Find out how to overcome fear and maximize your potential while listening on your commute or during your workout. Watch while you sip your morning java and get the kick you need to surpass your limits (hopefully, from our self-help podcast… not just the caffeine blast).

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The History of SSP

Chapter 1 | Amerindian Roots (!?)

CIHW studio - Quebec City, Canada
CIHW 100,3 FM | Extreme Attitude show

The ancestry of the Sensei Says Podcast goes back more than two decades ago. CIHW 100,3 FM (1998), a public station located in an Amerindian village (Quebec City, Canada), hosted Sensei Pascal’s first foray into broadcasting. His Extreme Attitude show rocked new metal songs and offered corky comedy.

Wanna talk “humble” ? The CIHW radio station was, in fact, a small shack on which the broadcast antenna was attached… Old radio console with big dials, CD players skipping songs on-air and a mandatory quota of traditional Amerindian songs to be played hourly. Everything to get top ratings.

Chapter 2 | The Playground is built

CIMI 103,7 FM - Pace's Playground Podcast
CIMI FM 103,7 | Pace’s Playground

In 2001, after a 3-year pause, Sensei got back on the air through the newly launched CIMI 103,7 FM station (Quebec City). Promoting a dynamic hard rock format, CIMI FM inspired reinvention and was the proper environment to host Sensei Pascal’s signature comedy show: Pace’s Playground (Le Terrain de Jeux de Pascal). We swear the station’s yellow walls did not provoke any seizures during the performance of his shows. Well… None that we know of.

“As humans, it is our responsibility to realize our full potential. It is then our duty to share it and empower others. Like others empowered us on our way up. “

– Sensei Pascal Déry, forever white belt

Chapter 3 | The Major Leagues

Sensei Pascal’s radio profile (Pace) | CHIK-FM

While taking bumps at the Killer Kowalski Wrestling School in Boston, MA, Sensei Pascal got the major league call from Radio Énergie (CHIK 98,9 FM), a Top 40 radio station in Quebec City.

Consequently, a new one-man version of the Pace’s Playground radio show started in August of 2004 and became an instant hit. Within a very short time, the radio show was on its way to become #1 in its time slot… but, was unexpectedly pulled off.

Radio silence…

Chapter 4 | Satellite Radio

Live from the UFC Fan Expo | Toronto, On

On the constant lookout for novel broadcasting technologies, Sensei Pascal embraced the emergence of satellite radio. Hence, after a 6-year hiatus, the all-talk reboot of the Pace’s Playground program debuted on XM Satellite Radio (XM172) in the summer of 2010. Discussing Politics, Economics, MMA, rock music, video games, and Society in general, the show pioneered new media in Canada.

Chapter 5 | Merger chops and karate blocks

Sensei Pascal at the WKC World Champs | Orlando, FL

Fallout from the merger between Sirius and XM satellite radios, a bunch of channels were deleted on both services. Unfortunately, XM172 did not make the cut. Sensei Pascal was, once again, radio homeless.

Constantly seeking to learn and evolve, Sensei Pascal spent the following years focused on his development as a human being.

In 2012, he opened a karate school on the south shore of Montréal, Canada and devoted his passion to teaching. His work, effort and dedication to the personal development of his seïtos (students), young and old, was recognized at the 2016 Karate Sunfuki annual honorary ceremony: the honorific Sensei was bestowed upon a humbled Pascal.

Chapter 6 | Obstacles

SpartanFit | Sainte-Julie, Qc

Relentless entrepreneur, Sensei Pascal sought novel opportunities. In February of 2020, he opens one of the first fitness centers specialized in OCR (obstacle course racing) in the province of Quebec: SpartanFit.

Lucky him, just 5 weeks after SpartanFit’s Grand Opening… COVID hit.

FitFlix.ca Workout | Costa Rica

Ever a fighter, Sensei Pascal did not surrender to the series of lockdowns imposed by the Canadian government. In fact, he used the time off to publish a virtual training platform on the web – FitFlix.ca, volunteer in Costa Rica, begin the writing of a book on self improvement… and work passionately on his return to broadcasting.

2021 is the year. The year which sees the launch of the Sensei Says Podcast all over the web, on all platforms and all devices. Wherever podcast is available, you’ll find the inspirational interviews of SSP. Hopefully, the lessons learned therein help you change your life for the better.

Listen or watch, share and tell your friends. Join our community of Seïtos and let’s support each other. Osu !

Sensei Pascal

Sensei Pascal is an entrepreneur, essayist, fitness coach, passionate martial artist, marathon runner and extreme endurance race survivor. Former XM Satellite Radio personality and collaborator of the UFC, Sensei dedicates himself to the betterment of others.

Book Sensei Pascal: osu@senseisayspodcast.com

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